A View from an Abandoned Rollercoaster

Abandoned Scottish rollercoaster

Abandoned Scottish rollercoaster

A strange encounter and killer clowns in an abandoned fairground.

I have contributed a short article to the excellent Unofficial Britain website which is a hub for unusual perspectives on the landscape of the British Isles, exploring the urban, the rural and those spaces in between.

A longer version of this article can be read here.

Unofficial Britain

You’ll discover urban legends, arcane practices, alternative histories, re-imagined pasts, lost states, abandoned trails, unexplored nooks, cryptozoological beasts, haunting soundscapes, unreliable narrators, hallucinatory visions, analogue trips, contrary accounts and aimless wanders. Find out more.

Which is all great!

Abandoned fairground ride, Loudon Park, Scotland

Abandoned fairground ride, Loudon Park, Scotland

7 thoughts on “A View from an Abandoned Rollercoaster

  1. Really enjoyed your article and discovering a cool website!

    On a somewhat related note, this reminded me of a friend’s story about The Enchanted Forest, an amusement park (in the States – Ellicott City, Maryland, to be exact) that she’d loved as a child that had been abandoned and left to rot as the popularity of more high-tech amusements superseded such a gentle, old-fashioned place. There are plenty of photos around the web if you look – less menacing and more melancholy than your abandoned fairground, but similar in spirit, I think.


    • Thanks for the kind comments! Quite a few people have contacted to me to tell me about an abandoned fairground near them, or one they have explored. It seems to strike a chord on many different levels, possibly for the reason your friend explored in her story – childhood memories and the feeling of a place once filled with families and children having fun. I had a quick look at the Maryland and there is a gentle, colourful sort of Disney feel to the place from the photos I found.


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