Enon Chapel: death, horror and dancing in Victorian London

dancing-on-the-dead-at-enon-chapelVictorian London was a charnel house of the dead; a city oozing horror and nowhere more so than a small chapel where they danced on the dead.

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When I was researching this article it was interesting to note how the site of Enon Chapel was, at the time, a stone’s throw away from Holywell Street. Holywell Street is a lost London way once notorious for radical politics and erotica. You can find out more about its fascinating history at Lost London: a Victorian Street for Friggers and Radicals

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5 thoughts on “Enon Chapel: death, horror and dancing in Victorian London

  1. Great work Alex! I read Walker’s reports as part of my MA and I will never forget them! They also informed the Tom-All-Alone’s graveyard in Dickens’s novel Bleak House.


  2. Congrats again on the guest publish Alex! Enon Chapel sounds a bit like Hart Island in the USA, used by New York City much the same way Enon was used by London. Of course, New York is still using Hart Island…


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