A lost world at Crewe Station

Crewwe station at night with empty platforms

Late night at Crewe Station

Late Sunday night and Crewe Station is empty and deserted. But there is a lost world here, filled with the ghosts from a bygone era of variety theatre.

Late night at Crewe station. I wander empty dark platforms where rain drips down and fog drifts through the lights. A non-stop London-Glasgow train arrows past with unnerving silence and speed…

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Night image of Crewe railway station with empty platforms

Deak and gloomy – late night at Crewe Station


7 thoughts on “A lost world at Crewe Station

  1. An excellent piece, and congratulations on being featured in “Elsewhere”. Some of my family come from Crewe, and I have many memories of the station. It is, these days, a depressing wasteland, rather removed from the idea of seamless integrated transport. Hard to imagine how once it was the hub of a vast and efficient system! As a boy, I used to go with my Mum to take my uncle his lunch…he was an engine driver…and my earliest memory, of when I was five, would be of coming down the footbridge and seeing a magnificent “Duchess” locomotive…my uncle was firing that day as the loco was above his pay grade 🙂

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    • Thanks Iain! Crewe station is a bit depressing but I’ve taken a strange liking to it having spent so many hours waiting for trains over the years. It certainly seems a long way from the digital, integrated transport of the future. Thanks for the lovely family memories – a train driving uncle must have been fascinating to a five year old boy!


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