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I am an ex-Londoner living in Glasgow. Once you are seduced and kidnapped by a Glaswegian nothing else quite compares. There’s no going back but I swear she said we were moving 500 miles south not north when I got on the train. I have a wife who dresses in a ’40s style and causes panic amongst tired old men who think the war is back, two red-haired daughters who conspire about their bewildered parents in fluent Gaelic, a greyhound who looks sad and an elderly cat who only moves to change her sleeping arrangements.

Glasgow is a vibrant, energetic city famous for football, architecture, dominating the Turner Prize, humour and a music scene that seems remarkably overlooked by the UK press. Its history gives it a left-wing outlook derived from shipbuilding and industry, but a grandness built on the wealth of sugar plantations and slavery. The best thing about Glasgow are the people: funny, warm, down to earth and friendly.

It is also riven with division, stricken by poverty and ill-health and governed by complacency. The Glasgow Spirit eternally tussles with the Glasgow Affect. And it never ever stops bloody raining. It makes London feel like Bali.

However, this blog is less about Glasgow and more about general travel (although I don’t get to travel much these days so more trips to strange places in Scotland), history and fiction. It’s actually a bit of an experiment to increase my social media skills for my job, and, since I scribble things as an antidote to my computer-chained internet job, it seemed like a good idea to chain myself more to the computer and post them instead of letting them fester in rotting digital dust.

Bit ironic that but enjoy!

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  1. Wow. I’ve never really studied into Glasgow. Sounds like an interesting and wonderful if mixed place. Honestly, everywhere seems that way to me, though. Every city in the world is a mix of good and bad, just as people are. I am homesick for all of them and would live my life out of suitcase if I could. What a wonderful idea to blog for charity. I hadn’t really ever thought of that idea. I am ashamed. I will try to check out more of your blog very soon. Thank you for stopping by mine.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Glasgow! I’ve only been a few times as I currently stay in Edinburgh (another beautiful city) but it just seems like so much unexplored territory, to me. I hope to make it over there more permanently, eventually, if I can find a job. 🙂


  3. Thanks sweetsound. Much enjoyed your blog post about Beltane Fire Festival. Glad you like Glasgow and Edinburgh is a great city to live in. They are both very different cities.


  4. Thanks for the like!

    Having Scot heritage I’m fascinated by the place, we certainly didn’t spend long enough there!

    We are hoping to return soon and quite possible move more permanently!



  5. “It is also riven with division, stricken by poverty and ill-health and governed by complacency.” Dude, hate to tell you this, but I think you might be mistaking Chicago for Glasgow.


  6. Ha ha ha! At lot of people probably think “wait a minute – that’s my city too.” I spent a night in a Chicago once. No idea where I was but it was busy, there were US sailors and people were bouncing their cars up and down as they drove past the clubbers and night strollers. Great night! Seemed an interesting city. Wished I had more time to spend there.


    • “US Sailors, bouncing cars, clubbers & night strollers.” There are a lot of places in Chicago, but I’d put money on the near North side. You were probably in Edgewater, it’s the only community where “US Sailors” really enter the mix of clubbers & bouncing cars & close enough to the loop for business travelers. But you could have been in Lakeview.

      I missed out on Glasgow entirely when I was in Scotland. But that wasn’t my fault, Irving Welsh had me fixated on Edinburgh.


  7. Thanks lacerta1972 – I shall look into that and see what refreshes my memory. It was a long long time ago when we were driving around USA for a summer. Half the time we had no idea where we were which made it interesting. Great days, great country.

    Edinburgh is an excellent city to spend time in.


  8. You have an impressively Scottish name for a Londoner. I’m an exiled Glaswegian living in the Netherlands so its great to read your various writings and specific Glasgow comments. Many thanks for the Like.


  9. Thanks for dropping by windhound. As I grew-up in London I do forget how I am really only one generation removed from my Scottish heritage. For example, my father, who was delighted I was marrying a Scot, is buried in Fife.

    Glad you enjoy the despatches from your home town. Hope life is good in the Netherlands – a great country.


  10. Hi Alex! Thanks for dropping by History Undusted. I lived in Paisley, and was in Glasgow any chance I got – brilliant city! I also lived in Overtoun House, Dumbarton, though I prefer the Highlands to a city any day of the week.


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog – and allowing me to discover yours! Have been enjoying what I’ve seen here so far.

    As a native of Chicago, I must agree with one of the above posters – Chicago and Glasgow have a good deal in common. 🙂


  12. I was in Glasgow over 20 years ago. I returned to Scotland last August, but missed Glasgow this time. I hope to get back there some day. In the meantime, I’m glad our paths have crossed here. Thanks!


  13. Hi Alex. Thanks for reading and enjoying my guest-blog called We Are Not Alone on Steve’s blog (!) I’m glad to have discovered yours in the process. Since I’ve been living in Bali the past 3 years, I hope you don’t mind if I suggest that you’ve got Bali’s climate a little off.. it rains ALOT and quite heavily at times! Look forward to reading your posts.


    • You know you are quite right! And I should know as I enjoyed a few weeks in Bali some years ago and it certainly rained. Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to reading your posts.


  14. Hari Om! Alex,

    Travelogues, history, photography and exploration. I just found treasure (your blog). 😉
    Though, I’m a bit sleepy right now, will catch up tomorrow to see what else you have in your store.



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