Rag-and-bone man with horse and cart

London, I remember: horses

Once, London was a city of horses. Humans lived cheek by jowl with the 300,000 horses of cabmen, traders, laundrymen, grocers and rag-and-bone men. You can see the traces of that time everywhere: old stone drinking troughs, hidden cobbled mews, mounting blocks, slips and ramps. Advertisements

Smithfield Meat Market (Photo by Sarah Ainslie and reproduced by kind permission. http://www.sarahainslie.com

Saving a cathedral to carcasses and meat

Reeling through the history of a famous London market and the campaign to save part of it from commercial development. UPDATE July 2014: The result of the public inquiry into the future of Smithfield General Market was announced in early July and planning permission for the scheme was refused as “wholly unacceptable.”

Psychogeography and how it can help you

Another web article on psychogeography? Why not! In the run-up to a highly promising weekend of street theatre, surrealism, vintage markets and sacred geometry in Glasgow here is a quick look at the history of psychogeography and, more importantly, what it can do for you.